January 25, 2008

The Washington Post reported:
'Williams and Russert tried unsuccessfully several times to get the [Republican] candidates to engage one another. Russert observed afterward that it seemed as though the contenders had made a "nonaggression" pact.'

Well, this just says it all, doesn't it? It's easier to report on the candidates going for each others' jugulars than it is to report on the issues they support. So the anchors try to pick fights among them. I'm glad the candidates didn't take the bait -- thus forcing the 'reporters' to actually work for a living and focus on the issues.
What a novel way to conduct a debate.


jmsjoin said...

two crows
It is a MSM controlled agenda! like Bush they foster divide until they hear or get what they want. They always create an argument or division where there is none just like the chief slime ball!Divide and Conquer!

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
yup. and the MSM [as in WaPo's article] reports on the fact that it tried to pick a fight among the candidates.
it addressed the issues only when it couldn't write about the bait the candidates didn't rise to.
good for the candidates. I hope they keep refusing to give the MSM what it wants. maybe then we'll learn something about their issues.