February 11, 2008

ELECTABILITY: That is All. Nothing Else Matters.

From The Huffington Post -- by John Neffinger

Okay people, this is a very big deal. We need to focus.

There is exactly one thing we should be talking about, thinking about, measuring and mulling over: ELECTABILITY. Who is more likely to be able to beat McCain. . . in November?

That is all. Nothing else. On health care, regulating the economy and righting the tax burden, on Iraq, on Supreme Court appointments, and on showing the world America is finally willing to repudiate our worst president ever, both of these candidates are worlds better than any GOP alternative. Either one will do. I want the one that wins. And so do you.

Or hey, if not, feel free to write in Ralph Nader in November.

Yes, they differ in theory on a small handful of issues, but they agree totally on the vast majority of issues. Their differences will be important if we get the chance to govern, but right now, most of them matter laughably little.

As for who would be more industrious or more inspiring in office, who campaigns dirty or can't control their surrogates, who snubs or cries (or even lies) or any of the other drama we have endured over the past few weeks: all of these things are completely irrelevant distractions except insofar as they shine some dim light on who might fare better between now and November.

There is a lot to consider when you try and figure out who would be most likely to prevail. Who can better appeal to swing and persuadable voters? Who can better turn out the base? Who would do better with Hispanic voters, white men, African-Americans, married women, youth, whomever? Who can better connect with people emotionally and motivate them? Who would look better under fire from the GOP attack machine? Who would do better up against the likely GOP nominee - whose narrative and character presents the more appealing contrast? Who can the American people believe in?

Just remember, folks: ELECTABILITY. That's it. Nothing else matters.
Think hard. And, happy voting.
The man makes a very good point. And, for those of you who have caucuses and primaries still pending-- happy voting.

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