February 22, 2008

Arianna Huffington: The Right Strengthens its Hold on McCain.
The Media Refuse to Notice.

Despite an avalanche of evidence showing that McCain the Maverick has long ago been replaced by McCain the Pandering Pawn of the Party's Right Wing, the press refuses to believe its own eyes.
The latest demonstration of the enormous lag time between the presentation of a new reality and the media's willingness to update the conventional wisdom comes via those bastions of the traditional media, The New Yorker and the New York Times.
The latest New Yorker . . . portrays him as a moderate who has "the rare opportunity to reinvent what it means to be a Republican."
Let's see, McCain has bowed to the party's lunatic fringe on tax cuts, immigration, the intolerance of religious bigots, and torture... so exactly how is he reinventing what it means to be a Republican? By shortening the amount of time it takes before a candidate is hijacked by the Right, perhaps?

Don't forget, George W. Bush, circa 1999, was presented as something of a maverick. . . .
"Gov. Bush has shown time and time again that he is a different kind of Republican," [said] Bush spokesman Ray Sullivan on the campaign trail.
That different kind of Republican evaporated the moment W's hand hit the Bible on inauguration day. McCain hasn't waited that long.
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At least it looks as if the electorate may be less likely to be taken in this time -- even if the press continues to have sequins in its eyes.


an average patriot said...

My god! Look at his damn face. Right up there with Bush and Cheney. He doesn't even have to open his mouth. Al you can see is more of the same old nightmare.

two crows said...

right on, AAP--
I just got to thinking -- maybe this _is_ what the press means by a 'new republican.'
maybe the last of the 'old republicans' was Eisenhower. I think he had some scruples left, at least.
Ever since Nixon, those seem to have become too cumbersome to keep hanging around. So, they've just been shoved overboard.

LET'S TALK said...

Great story and great call on this one two crows. I feel the same about McCain and the free ride the press is giveng this guy.\\He's just as worse as Bush and will continue this country in the same path as Bush...down hill!

TomCat said...

I think his face has become a mirror image of GW's butt through constant contact. Who cleaned the brown spot off his nose?

dguzman said...

I was just thinking that "new republican" in Bush's case is that he so obviously and vociferously scorns the poor, minorities, other countries, and anyone who isn't one of his rich buddies. At least the repubs before him pretended to care in their speeches. Bush is perfectly candid in his disgust for everyone but his rich white pals.

I bought the "maverick" routine back in 1999, but once he lost to Bush, he turned into a total kiss-ass and I've hated him ever since.