February 13, 2008

John McCain Should Be Ashamed

by Carl Pope -- Sierra Club Executive Director
Washington, DC -- I have just listened to carefully coached staff members for Senator John McCain lie repeatedly about the Senator's failure to show up and vote on the first Senate economic-stimulus package, which included tax incentives for clean energy. I am in a state of shock not because of the Senator's vote, although that disappointed me, nor over his desire to avoid public accountability for that vote -- that's politics. But to carefully coach your Senate staff (I assume the Chief of Staff, not the Senator, was the author of this shameful performance) in how to mislead callers in such depth is appalling, and surprising, because it was almost certain to be found out. [emphasis added]
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Of course he should be ashamed. But, when has McCain ever actually been ashamed?
When he went into a back room and redefined torture? No.
When he redefined 'straight talk'? No.
When he kissed Jerry Falwell's ring after repeatedly denouncing him? No.
When he called for a continuation, for the next century, of an illegal and abhorrent war? No.
When he pursued and accepted the endorsement of an illegal and abhorrent president? No.
When he not only refused to allow gays to marry but made sure only absolutely traditional marriages be allowed to take place just to be sure those pesky gays don't find a way to weasel through a loophole somehow.
When he embraced Karl Rove's tactics and accepted $2300.00 from him? No.

Please note: every one of these actions has, obviously, been 'found out' -- and McCain, apparently, does not care.
There is no hypocrisy to which it is too low for McCain to stoop if the presidency is the prize.


an average patriot said...

mcCain is sickening! He is cut from the same mold as little Bush. He could care less how stupid he looks or sounds just as long as he gets his way. He is an underhanded behive.
He turned out to be a great disappointment. I respected the hell out of him for his actions as a POW but his snivelling under Bush and his BS and warmongering is really sickening. We can not afford to let this idiot in the Presidency. He is a guarrantee of a continuation of Bush's mess

Mauigirl said...

I agree - I used to respect him and even like him despite the differences we had. Now I've lost that respect because he's knuckled under to the right wing and to Bush - when he didn't even have to.

two crows said...

hi, AAP --
'cut from the same mold' indeed.
there was a time -- within the last 4 years of so, when this did not seem to be so but --no more.
one by one by one he folded on every issue.

two crows said...

hi mauigirl--
you hit the nail on the head:
it WASN'T necessary. he could well have run away from Bush and done quite well, thank you. so, why didn't he?
I'm left with the conclusion that it must have been in him all along -- and the snow-job was what he was giving us 4 years ago or so.

and, now, I'm hearing about his famous temper tantrums when he doesn't get exactly what he wants-- yet MORE shades of Bush.

TomCat said...

I loved McCain's gift to yesterday, as he went on record voting FOR torture. :-)

two crows said...

hi, TC--
well, we've known they were interchangeable for a while now.

George and John Bobbsey.