February 19, 2007

My last Kansas City post is below.
I'll see you in a few weeks in FLORIDA!


Women on the Verge said...

She's baaaa-aaaack!!!

Swa your comment on the snow post... no fair rubbing it in!!!!

Seriously, I'm glad you got there and are fairly settled. I am SOOOO jealous!!


pissed off patricia said...

Saw your comment over at Ethel's place about palm trees and came to see you because I wondered if you were in Florida with me. Seems you are so welcome to my state. Are you here for a visit or to reside? I am on the southeast coast about an hour or so north of West Palm Beach.

two crows said...

sorry Ethel about rubbin it in--
[yeah, right!] :)

hey p-o-p--
thanx for the welcome! and welcome to pp&d.
I'm in Clearwater. already lovin it as much as I was
sure I would.
today was glorious!
acourse, I spent the day indoors unpacking--but I'll be out in it as soon as I can--