February 27, 2008

This from the Huffington Post: End of a Romance: Why the Media and Independent Voters Need to Break Up with John McCain-- Arianna Huffington
What's the opposite of a "maverick?"

So McCa[i]n has backed an amendment that would limit the right to habeas corpus, has endorsed an Arizona constitutional amendment that would not only ban gay marriage but deny benefits to unmarried couples of any kind (lest those pesky gay people find some kind of loophole), and has discovered a newfound support for teaching "intelligent design" in schools.

The old John McCain once tried to take the mantle of true conservatism away from George W. Bush. The new John McCain is now essentially running to give America a third Bush term - and, indeed, will even out-Bush Bush when it comes to staying the disastrous course we're on in Iraq.

Right on time, the new McCain got Bush's blessing on Fox News Sunday: "I know his convictions," Bush said. "I know the principles that drive him. And no doubt in my mind he is a true conservative."
If you think the problem with the United States right now is that we haven't given Bush enough time to finish his agenda, then John McCain is your man.
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dguzman said...

I love Bush's oh-so-definitive pronouncements about people--"I looked into his soul" or "I know his convictions" or whatever. As if it's possible for someone so dumb to know much of anything beyond picking his nose and letting Big Dick f*ck the entire world up.

two crows said...

hey dguzman--
oh, yeah, just like he 'knew' God wanted him to run for president.
oh, I guess 'God' is Karl Rove's nickname, now?