March 2, 2008

**giggle! snortle! chork!**
I was reading a piece in ummmmm—The Huffington Post I think it was, the other day.
In one of the comments someone who wanted people to lighten up on David Vitter said, ‘So says Jesus:’ and then quoted the law as set down in LEVITICUS of all places!

Now, # 1—if I remember my Old Testament correctly, even Leviticus couldn’t make up its mind on the issue the commenter was tossing out as justification. In one place, it enjoins men not to sleep with their brothers' widows as such acts were deemed adulterous. Then, a few verses later it said they should do so if the widows were of child-bearing age [I guess it’s better to commit adultery than to let any womb go to waste.]

Meanwhile, [ #2] what any of that has to do with sleeping with a prostitute is anybody’s guess.

And, finally, [#3 but the first thing I noticed, actually] was that the Bible-thumper attributed something to "Jesus" that wasn’t a quote of his at all: Hello? Leviticus was written—well, I’m not exactly sure when it was written but, since it was part of the Torah—that’s in the five books of Moses, folks—it was in the Holy Book of the Hebrews some 1,000 to 3,000 years before Joshua bar Joseph was, you know, born. A case of plagiarism by proxy.

Don’tcha just love it when the Bible Thumpers get a goin and the spittle gets a flyin and the folks involved can’t be bothered with the facts? Kinda makes ya proud to be an Uh-mur-kun, huh?
By the way, there were no addenda to this person’s comment so, apparently, no one else noticed that this wasn’t something “Jesus” could have said, anyhow.
I would’ve thought someone might have noticed that little matter. This was an old post and comments to it were closed so I was SOL in bringing that little point to the table, myself.


KnightErrant said...

The Bible is quite schizophrenic on questions of sex - and execution, and executing people for having sex.

Duet. 22:13.21, for example, explains in detail that if a man marries a non-virgin woman and doesn't like her she is to be stoned to death. The Bible demands that experienced women be exceptionally good in bed.

Prostitution is only punished (with death, of course) if the woman is the daughter of a priest (Lev. 21:9). The daughter of a goatherd is free to practice the profession.

The obscure parts of the Bible can be bizarre.

two crows said...

hi knighterrant--welcome--
oh, yes-- all the parts of the Bible that deal in the laws are crazy-making.

the part I thought was _so_ interesting, tho, was the comment by a Bible thumper who wanted to excuse Vitter's behavior with a prostitute.
So, he attributed a quote from Leviticus to "Jesus". I fell over laughing.

TomCat said...

And Judas went out and hung himself

Go thou and do likewise

What thou doest do quickly

The Bible can be twisted to support anything. But one thing that is clear is that Jesus specified the qualifications to be an executioner, enforcing all that confusion.

Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone.

dguzman said...

All logic goes out the window when the fundies start waving their bibles. None of them ever realizes that it was written and translated and re-translated and bastardized by MEN, not by God or Jesus.

two crows said...

'And Judas went out and hung himself

Go thou and do likewise

What thou doest do quickly'

hey, TC--
are these your suggestions to the rethugs and neocons?

two crows said...

and, lately, I've been reading up on the history of the first few hundred years of Christianity.
talk about POLITICS! **whew!!**
lots of power was up for grabs and _everyone_ was grabbing for the pinata.