March 14, 2008

Here're the techno-cats -- for your enjoyment. :)


Snave said...

I like the "monorail" cat the best. When ours are in that position on the floor, we say they are in the "ship" position.

Mary Ellen said...

Awwwww....I want an IKEA cat! Does he come in other colors? Is he dishwasher safe?

an average patriot said...

Those are cool. I vote for monorail! Hope you are doing well two crows!

two crows said...

hey, Snave--
sail or steam???
hi, Mary Ellen--
yup. I'm a do-it-myselfer, too, so I just luv those thangs that come with instructions.
I imagine you'll need to check with the manufacturer but other options are likely available.
as to dishwasher -- if you can get him in there, more power to you! :3
hi, AAP--
I can just see this guy scootin down the track.
I'm doing much better since I've started ignoring the state of the country and should soon be on the way to recovery. thanx for asking.