March 7, 2007

I'm baaa-ack! :)
See below for my first Florida post. Sorry it's an abbreviated version. That's going to be the case for a while--till I get my feet under me. And that's happening rather slowly. Who knew moving cross-country would be so complicated?


Frederick said...

Hello there, welcome back!

TomCat said...

I knew. Been there. Done that. Welcome back!! Woooo Hoooo!!!

PoliShifter said...

Good to have you back two crows!

We just got done moving too although we didn't move across country I can relate to the unpacking part.

PoliShifter said...

Hi Two Crows,

I am trying to enlist the help of as many possible to get Blogs for Bush Founder Mark Noonan sent to Iraq

You see, at one time he wanted to go but he was too old..shucks. But now the army has raised its recruiting age to 42. Mark seems to be "unaware" and unwilling to comment on his inability to join the army seeing as how he is 42 and eligible.

Since he is a rabid supporter of the occupation of Iraq we think it's only fair that he do some time in Iraq, preferably Baghdad.

If you can please help raise awareness about the sheer hypocrisy of Mark Noonan. Help us help him overcome his fear and send him to Iraq!

Women on the Verge said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!


two crows said...

thanx, one and all for the welcomes! :)

hey, Poli--
when I got your comment, I had just come from your site and had just sent him a comment [for all the good that'll do.]

I did TRY to keep my tongue from poking a hole in my cheek while asking him to stand up and do his patriotic duty by enlisting and serving his country in its hour of need.