April 3, 2008

A Reprieve!
In the comments section of the post below, I said it was Good News that Obama plans to tap Al Gore for a cabinet post on Global Warming.
But, the REALLY good news is: my cousin noticed that I was running out of cat pics and sent me a new stash. They just arrived and I haven't had time to sort them yet.
So, in acknowledgment to the rest of the world, I'll post some pics of a couple of other species while I get that done [and give those others more recognition than they deserve, according to every cat who has ever allowed me to share his or her home].
First a nod to my new home [the state of Florida]:And then to the Canines among us:
Self Portrait
Good Doggy!
Oh, the humiliation!


Larry said...

I'd hate to have that gator peeping into my door.

an average patriot said...

I don't know if Gore will take a posts but I hope he would and it is a plus for Obama that he would. I really can't see him accepting a position in a Hillary White House.
Love the pictures especially the alligator. Thats why I live in Mass. i like what you did with your other sites. Since they are right there I will remember to check them out. Adios!