May 20, 2008

Hey, folks--
A major change just happened in my life which may well result in fewer posts being put up here than was previously the case:
For the last six months or longer I've been approaching one after another person in my community asking for help with some major projects I'm undertaking in my new home. Several people said things like, 'Oh, sure, I'll help you, as soon as ____________ [fill in the blank].'
I think we all know what THAT means, right?

A couple of weeks ago, I was reduced to going through the yellow pages and phoning handy-men for estimates. When one quoted me the price of $800.00 to wallpaper 2 walls [that's WALLS, mind you, not ROOMS], I again started talking to people in my neighborhood.

So, last week, when a friend of a friend actually set a date to begin, I held my breath and SHE ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THROUGH! :)
The resulting mural in my living room is stunningly beautiful if I do say so.She has agreed to help me with several other projects, as well. Another mural, for instance, building a loft-bed-with- closet-underneath [and a staircase for getting into bed], 2 frames for the air-chairs I brought with me [that are still in their respective boxes], constructing and filling a 2nd shed, converting the first shed into a workshop, and some major landscaping. You get the picture.

So, posts are likely to be thin on the ground for a while.
I hope to keep at least one blog fairly functional even while all these plates are in the air and—most likely—that one will be All that Is.

So, please do drop by and visit Mary Ellen of The Divine Democrat [who is co-hosting] and me.
I imagine if something absolutely outrageous occurs in Washington [and how likely is THAT to happen?] I'll put in an appearance here to scream about it. So, I hope you'll check in here occasionally, as well.
But, let's face it, if someone says she'll help me build a bed/closet complex or an air chair and actually SHOWS UP—well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, don't cha know?


an average patriot said...

Two crows
Congratulations. that woman sounds like something. Is there anything she can't do? That's great! That mural is it hand painted the length of the wall or is it paper? Regardless it looks great. Pretty up your House.

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
actually, I'm the one with the know-how.
she's a pair of helping hands [which is rare enough, heaven knows] and a willingness to learn.
f'rinstance, I had wallpapered before-- she hadn't. [the 1st mural I'd done was half sheets and I could do it alone-- this one was 8'strips so I needed help with it]
fwiw -- it is paper & I bought it online.

I'll be teaching her carpentry as we go along. but she's a WHIZ at organizing [which I could use some lessons in] so we're probably a good team! :)

hope to see you around AtI -- and back here as the home front calms down.
with the number of projects I have scheduled, the primary season will probably be over [so the dem/dem vitriol may have died down (I'll be happy to miss the rest of that)] heck--I may not be back before the ELECTION, fergoshsakes! [I've got a long list. :) ]

an average patriot said...

I remember you are the handy one. So you needed a pair of hands. Glad you found them you should get along well! Don't worry you will see me around. Have a ball!

an average patriot said...

Hi two crows
Don't bother responding. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend outdoors of course!

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
well, I didn't get out much.
I DID get the living room put back together [rearranged the furniture and did some things to make the mural-wall into a 3-dimensional feature.]
and started unpacking the fragile chachkas that have been kept packed till the mural was up.
and all it took was 15 months.

now, on to revamping the shed. :)