May 8, 2008

McCain Gets It Wrong -- Again

This from the Huffington Post:
McCain's Justice -- by Geoffrey R. Stone

McCain complained that sitting judges and justices systematically "abuse" the federal judicial power by issuing "rulings and opinions on policy questions that should be decided democratically." McCain is apparently blissfully unaware that the vast majority of current federal judges were appointed by Republican presidents and that seven of the nine sitting Supreme Court Justices and twelve of the last fourteen Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Republicans. As Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

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So, over and above his willingness to sell his soul both during his time in a Viet Cong prison and, more recently, as a candidate, John McCain is simply ignorant as well. Unless, of course, he is alerting the Bush faithful that he intends, if elected, to render the SCOTUS completely toothless so that he [and they] can run roughshod over the majority of Americans.

Now there is some food for thought.


an average patriot said...

I was listening to his spew on that and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I am so friggen sick of the two faced lying underhanded crap. The lies I'm sick of the lies. Lies the new truth! The more the slime tries to distance himself from Bush the more like him he gets. Sadly his nightmare will dwarf Bush's.

LET'S TALK said...

embark04This is surely not the McCain of 2000. This guy seems to be out of touch and out of place.

I think it's about time he considers retirement instead of the office of President of the united States.

Minnesotablue said...

He has changed his opinion on every issue, depending on who his audience is. Waterboarding and other tortures are a perfect example. He scares the hell out of me.

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
I just keep the faith that he won't get the chance.
acourse, then my terror kicks in -- that Bush/CheneyCo won't allow the vote to stand and will declare martial law until the SCOTUS overturns it.

and Congress will sit there and let it happen as it has everything else this administration has dreamed up so far. :(

two crows said...

hi Larry--
unfortunately, I fear this is EXACTLY the McCain of 2000.
I, too, was schnockered by this guy when he went on record AGAINST Bush's endorsement of torture. then, almost immediately, he went into that back room at Congress and defined the word 'torture'-- and we were off to the races.

once upon a time I respected him. then, I got to know him. and that ended THAT fairy tale.

two crows said...

hi, minnesotablue--
oh, yeah. anyone who calls this guy 'Bush Lite' is, I think, somewhat misinformed.

my fear is he would be even worse. a Bush who doesn't need a puppet-master in order to destroy the country. he can do it all by himself.

Distributorcap said...

mcinsane is such an ass -- to the nth degree -- he lies, and makes up lies to cover for the lies he lied about. he forgets he lied, and then lies about forgetting the lies he forgot

basically he sucks

and he has a temper

two crows said...

hey, distributorcap--
when did you sneak in? I didn't see you over there in the corner. so hold up your hand, why dontcha?
as to McCain --
you about summed up the man in a nutshell [and I use the term advisedly].
and, as I travel around the MSM sphere, I read more and more about what kind of president he will be. **shudder**

what happened to the political wisdom that no republican stood a cat-in-hell's chance this November?

oh, duh, Obama and Clinton happened -- I forgot.