May 2, 2008

A Way To Start the Bucket Brigade

This from The Washington Post:
How to Spend Your Stimulus Check
-- by Andrew Carroll

Starting this week, more than 100 million Americans will receive checks from the federal government as part of a bipartisan initiative to stimulate the economy. Savvy retailers have been promoting special "tax rebate" sales, car discounts, summer trips, and just about everything else that can be pitched, marketed or sold -- all hoping to capitalize on the billions the U.S. Treasury is sending out to qualifying taxpayers.

But there's another option for spending the money that represents one of the best ways we can help this nation: Donate it to charitable organizations supporting our troops and their families.
There are countless ways to help our troops, from sending phone cards and care packages overseas to building homes for disabled veterans and providing scholarships for the children of service members killed in action.

The American Institute of Philanthropy, a nonpartisan organization that reports on how efficiently charities dispense their funds, has compiled an excellent list of first-rate nonprofits, including the Fisher House Foundation, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, Army Emergency Relief, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and the National Military Family Association. Many others can easily be found online.
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What a great idea this is! Do good and, possibly, stimulate the economy at the same time.
And, we can get the feel-good of doing an end-run around Bush and Cheney's attempts to destroy the military one individual at a time.


an average patriot said...

Two crows I commend you and I hope many take you up on your advice. Bush is brain dead thinking that these rebated are going to stimulate the economy and get it back on track. Maybe a slight quiver from people paying their debt down but it will only be temporary.
My thoughts are with the veterans every single day. Two in particular. one was supposed to fly to Iraq an the 30th but the airlines went belly up and they had to wait till next Monday. One of his brothers was due home later on that same plane but I haven't heard from him nor do I know where he is. I assume I will hear from him Tuesday or Wednesday. Well you take care and good luck!

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
me, too.
actually, I wish I could take credit for the idea but, obviously, I can't. still, when a Great Idea stands up and bites me on the ass, I do notice! 3>=
and this is one of those. :)
oh, so sorry one of your sons is out-of-pocket right now. hope he shows up knockin on the door soon, soon, soon.

that's got to be so frustrating and nerve wrenching. he'll be home soon, tho -- wait and see. . . .
meanwhile, why not pass this article [and idea] on to your blog and address book, etc?

mebbe we can get an idea going -- like Alice's Restaurant was during my generation's war----- :)

an average patriot said...

i try not to worry about my sons but hell you can't help it. The one going Monday worries me the most because he does EOD and leads convoys. plus excuse me but he has more balls than brains. Not really, he's very intelligent!
Anyway i was just checking out your post and I can do something. I have to think of what because I buried a post for Robert and it kills it. So we
ll think!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"But there's another option for spending the money that represents one of the best ways we can help this nation: Donate it to charitable organizations supporting our troops and their families."
Please stop reading my wife's mind.:) An excellent idea, but for many, it will mean the difference of saving the car from the repo man, or not..(:

two crows said...

hey again, AAP--
I hope your son who was lost in transit made it home safely.
please let me know, ok?

as to the other -- any delay getting him back over there must be a welcome respite for you.

two crows said...

'for many, it will mean the difference of saving the car from the repo man, or not..(:'

hi, future--
oh, fer sure, lots of folks won't be in a position to follow up on this idea. especially with food prices reaching the stratosphere these days.

still, for those who can afford it, I do think it's a good idea. and, who says we have to give the whole thing? $20 would be welcomed by any of those groups, I'm sure.

an average patriot said...

He just called and let me know things got screwed up but he was back in SC and very happy to see the green. He wouldn't discuss what happened but he will when he calls back.
As for Jim he leaves Norfolk VA tomorrow. He's EOD and insists on being in combat instead of with his wife and kids. There is no relaxing with him. He is major hard core and scares the hell out off me. Worse, I knew this was for him and pushed him into it. If he survives Iraq he is going begrudgingly to Pensacola for 4 years to teach in the EOD school. Sadly to me it is not a guarantee of no combat.

two crows said...

great, AAC!!!
tell him welcome home for me, ok?
I hope he won't have to go back over there.

as to Jim, well, there's no accounting for taste, is there?
all you can do it hope and pray and trust that he is well trained enough to be able to take care of himself over there.
[the curse of being a parent: bring em up the best way you can-- and let em go. :(]

Minnesotablue said...

It,s a great idea and let's hope those that can will.