June 6, 2008

Click here for a very abbreviated history lesson of what led up to the post below this one— and a possible glimpse of a brighter future for all of us because of the historic moment we are living through today.
The fact that the primary [as painful as it has been] included two historic firsts is good news, indeed. I'm holding the hope that, along with his policies, Obama may bring a different mindset to America.

Yes, he's inexperienced. I'm put in mind of another charismatic, inexperienced senator who had the audacity to race for the gold ring and win. I wonder what JFK's legacy would be today if his tenure had not been cut short? As things stand, he is one of our most revered presidents.

All that said, don't blow it, Barack. Even more than usual is riding on your presidency— and I'm not just talking about the mess Bush is leaving behind. I'm talking 389 years of accumulated mess.


an average patriot said...

He will be the next President if we can keep him alive and the right doesn't steal this election too! i read your post yesterday and wasn't quite sure what was up or what to say so I didn't say anything.
Did you see the paper that supposedly missed the typo calling Obama Osama? I just heard it again but didn't catch who it was. Typo my eye!

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
as to yesterdays post, I was simply astonished and appalled at what I found so embedded in our collective unconscious [I think] when it comes to a large group of people in our society who have been so disenfranchised that most of us don't even notice it.
no, I hadn't seen that about the 'typo'. yeah, right, a typo. like Faux News' "mis-speak" uh-huh.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"don't blow it, Barack."
I hope so badly that I'm proven completely wrong, but I fear the divide within the DP this primary created, who ever is the blame, is too large to be bridged, let alone the great Red and Blue divide...(:

two crows said...

hi, future--
I hope you're wrong, too.

maybe I'm just a cock-eyed optimist, but I hope the wounds will be healed enough by November that people will stop and think about things like the makeup of the Supreme Court, the environment, the war, the economy, etc. etc. and vote accordingly.

phil_in_ny said...

I think he'll make it. We all just have to come together as dems.

two crows said...

hi, phil--
I know a lot of people think that's a big if.

I do think a win this november is inevitable.
my main concern is that we won't heal _enough_ and will win with a small enough margin that the rethugs will find yet another way to steal the election.

LET'S TALK said...

Hi two crows, it's nice to see you back at your site with new posts.

I've decided to take some time out and catch up on a lot of things that I've undone.

I will pay a visit to your other site soon, now my comment.

I felt the remarks from others who supported Clinton when I made the statement that she should step aside because the math showed that she was a defeated candidate.

Maybe I was wrong to say that, but it was said and is now over

I think that Obama will become the next President because McCain just happens to be in the line of a lot of scandals that will be popping up from Patrick Fitzgerald being called up testify before the Congress and so will Abramolf and McClellan. I think that all this will spell doom for Rove, Libby, Cheny and maybe even Bush and if this happens, McCain will be in the line of fire for a downfall himself by the Conservative and the Republican party.

two crows said...

hi, Larry--
just taking a break from the projects. will need more blog-recesses when I start up again.
if Congress grows a backbone, our country may even go for justice for the bozos. I'm not holding my breath, tho.

I do think the wounds from the primary season will be well enough healed by Nov to get Barack elected. they'd better be-- or our country will be in the tall grass.

while we're at it, we need to give him a congress with a large enough majority of dems to actually get started on the clean-up.

libhom said...

A lot of how well Obama does depends on us getting more involved in social movements, like the anti-Iraq War movement. Democrats tend to follow the streets rather than leading the movements. FDR was a perfect example of this.