June 3, 2008

Update by Jake

Hello, Humans—
My name is Jake. This morning at about 4:00, I rolled over on my back and let Two Crows [who, whether she knows it or not, just signed her house over to me] know that I am a little boy.

She gave me my first name— Jacob.
She tells me that it's very rare for a cat to earn its middle name before it even gets its first name [sometimes it can take months]— but I'm the exception to the rule. Before she had named me Jake, I had named myself Sinatra.

Two Crows says the name is still tentative—it depends on if I keep up the practice of singing at 4 AM. She says that if I keep that up she will have a serious discussion with me— whatever that means.
Does anyone reading this know what her reference to a water bottle might have meant? She seemed to have a lot of confidence in that thing— whatever it is.

As I get more and more settled into my new home, I'll be keeping you up to date with how things are going.
Hhhommmmmmmmmeowwwww— right now, though, I feel a nap coming on. Hey, I've got to keep up my strength if I'm gonna be up for tonight's serenade. :-3


an average patriot said...

Okay we'll call him Frankie! how are your projects going? By the way what about the water bottle, going to throw it at him?

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
I don't know that reference. Frankie???

as to the water bottle-- you don't know that trick? just a couple of judicious spritzes in any cat's general direction and they instantly stop whatever they're doing and make nice.
after one or 2 applications all you have to do is reach TOWARD the bottle and they stop what they're doing-- till you put the bottle down, anyway. . . .

an average patriot said...

Hi two crows! I was referring to Frank Sinatra. As for the water bottle I got you. If I have water on my hand or anything I just sprinkle it at Kitty and he's gone. To dismay him at night while we are sleeping when he is being rambunctious I throw my shirt in his direction and that works.

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
I'll try the shirt method.

I remember previous homeowners who used to sleep on my clothes when I left them out. maybe that's the ticket-- Jake'll feel safe on my shirt and not wake ME up.

at that, he DID let me sleep in till 6 this morning. and no singing. that's progress, anyway. :)

an average patriot said...

two crows
I have to laugh because as soon as we lay a piece of clothing down the cat is laying on it but at night when he's prowling around if he sees me reach for my shirt he hightails it. It's funny!

two crows said...

hi, AAP---
oh, they're smart, all right. especially if it'll keep them from getting a face-full of water or a shirt hurled in their direction.

Tengrain said...

And everyone thinks I'm crazy because I unplug and/or turn off the phones at night!



two crows said...

hi, tengrain--
unfortunately, Jake doesn't have to phone in his part.

luckily, tho, he seems to have given up his late-night serenades. in fact, he hardly speaks at all, now. so I have rescinded the name of Sinatra. we'll see what name he chooses as time goes on.