July 6, 2008

I've just finished watching a program on global warming.
Even while issuing warning after warning, the narrator kept using the word, 'If'---
"IF the heat continues to climb--"
"IF the drought continues--"
"IF the US can no longer feed itself, let alone the world--"
Simultaneously warning and soothing, the program just kept on delivering a double message. Even as it spoke of what the scientists have been discovering and warning us about for a generation, it was _so_ careful not to point the finger at any government.

What a tightrope the narrator walked.
I'm hoarse from screaming at the TV -- which did no good, of course.


an average patriot said...

It is mind boggling listening to them. However let there be no mistake. There is no if but when. It is worsened by the fact we are heading to a war that will make the planet un life sustaining. that video you had should have been adhered to but it was and continues to be ignored. I will send you the Planets Life cycle but I think I already did. You can do a search on my site and find many versions the Final Days. Alright I'll shut up. Take care!

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
exactly. it's not if -- it's when.
and governments around the world have consistently done nothing except try to confuse the issue.
only now are some people admitting that it MIGHT happen -- which is, I suppose -- some progress, at least.

but, it's too little too late.
science has been warning us for a generation about what's coming.
finally, now, some people are waking up -- and its too little too late.
it's government's job to LEAD. and it doesn't do it unless it puts money in the politicians' pockets or power in their corners.