July 22, 2008


Yesterday I read, over on Morning Martini that the talking heads say that we can’t focus on more than one issue at a time.
So, now that the economy is tanking, they don’t need to give us any info on the wars or the state of D.C. or the upcoming elections or how NOLA is doing post-Katrina or what's happening regarding our educational or health care systems, etc. etc. etc.
Or the beginning, finally, of the ‘war-crime’ tribunal which opened against bin Laden’s driver today. [This is the man who was accused of being the ‘terrorist’ who helped bin Laden escape to Pakistan. Hello! He was bin Laden’s CHAUFFEUR, for God’s sake! He was the hired help. That was his crime.]*

Anyway, if what the media say were true, their jobs would be a heckuva lot easier, I’m sure.
But, I’m here to demonstrate that we’re ambidextrous and, what’s more, we can even walk and chew gum at the same time.
Here are 2 unrelated [or, at least, only peripherally related] articles—both of which are important in today’s world.
Timelines in the Sand -- by Eugene Robinson.
Throwing Honesty out the Window -- by Sebastian Mallaby.
I’ll bet you can read and think about both.
*By the way, the first thing the court did in the case of Salim Ahmed Hamdan was to throw out all evidence gleaned by ‘harsh interrogation measures’. Great News! Information based on torture will not be allowed to stand!
Now, all we have to do is arrest the people who arranged for the torture in the first place.
Yeah, yeah, I knew I should quit while I was ahead. It seems Congress can either curry favor with big business and raise funds to run for office OR govern-- but it can't do both.
Maybe that's where the MSM got the idea that we can't think about two things at once, huh?
See? We can even think about THREE things! [Four if you count impeachment for war crimes.]


an average patriot said...

It is Congress and apparently most Politicians who can not multi task. We can, have to, and are, but are ignored and it is debilitating. They only focus on one thing and what serves their interest because they want all the important things to slip past us the underhanded bastards and bastardetes!

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
well said.
the MSM is, I think, invested in our not being able to understand what's going on. at least, they keep trying to dumb us down and I, for one, am sick of it.