August 12, 2008

Refusing the Vote to Those Who Serve

It seems the Bush Administration is all for spouting rhetoric about, 'Support Our Troops,' right up to [but not including] allowing them to register to vote.
Please nip over to Sorghum Crow and check out the post for 8/11/08.

HT to my namesake for uncovering this scandal! And, please pass it on to everyone you know!


an average patriot said...

two crows
It is sickening that these scum get away with all this crap but you know that speaks volumes for what many veterans including myself really think. It makes it hard because some of us have sons in Iraq and Afghanistan as I do but I am very anti Bush while backing them!

two crows said...

exactly, Jim--
and Bush knows that many who went to the middle east with stars in their eyes came home disillusioned.

AND they know that, traditionally, the higher the turn-out, the more likely the vote is to go Democratic. so, their strategy is to maintain the status quo by denying the vote to as many as they can get away with.