September 29, 2008

The National Tantrum

I just tuned into the Stock Market for the first time today.
I saw huge craters in the DOW and the S & P at 1:45 this afternoon. There are several blue-chips I'm keeping an eye on, too -- and they did the same. Some bounce happened pretty fast -- but still. . .

So, I turned on the TV. And, apparently, Nancy Pelosi stuck the Republicans in the eye with a sharp stick just before the vote. Knowing these people the way I think I do, the Republicans decided to take their marbles and go home based on what she said.

OK, in my opinion, everyone involved is a fool and/or Pelosi doesn't want the bill to pass. If I could figure out the fact that the Republicans would act like toddlers throwing a tantrum if attacked, she certainly should have.

After hearing what Pelosi said in her follow-up speech, she may have set a bear-trap for the Republicans and they stepped in it.
NOW, she can stand up there and place the blame squarely on the Republicans as the Do Nothing Party.

The House of Representatives is a playpen -- BOTH sides included.

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