October 8, 2008

Being Thrown Under the "Straight Talk Express?"

I keep returning to two questions over and over:
Does McCain want to lose? And, was that the plan from the beginning?

Let's see--
  • he ran for the presidency despite his recent history with the Keating 5.
  • he reversed his policy regarding torture just six years ago.
  • he seems still not to understand that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Or is that a ruse?
  • he sang 'Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Bomb, bomb Iran.'
  • he has talked about remaining in Iraq for 100 years when the country has clearly stated that it is already well past time for our children to come home.
  • he publicly called his wife a pejorative term I won't repeat.
  • does he really have no clue how many homes he owns? saying so certainly increases the perception that he is senile. given how well he can evade questions when he wants to, why did he answer this one?
  • after speaking to her by phone twice, he chose a Barbie Doll as running mate.
  • although he has repeatedly said that he doesn't want to talk about it, he has repeatedly referenced his time in Vietnam.
  • it was clear, before the debates, that McCain had to "bloody Obama's nose." He failed to do so. instead he bloodied his own when he did not even look at Obama during the first debate and, during the second, he referred to him as, 'That one.' These smack of objectification of a Black man -- twice during two debates.
  • he referenced past presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to Reagan -- aligning himself with the past -- not the future.
  • he was condescending toward the audience -- especially toward the Black man who asked him about the economy.
  • he sucker punched the moderator of the debate.
  • he wandered in front of the camera while Brokaw was signing off -- a move that made him look senile.
  • and, he fled the building as soon as the second debate was over -- leaving the floor to Obama.
  • he is as good a sacrificial lamb as his party could come up with: he won't be in a position to run again in four years. He'll be 76 years old by that time. The running mate he has "chosen" will be sent packing to do her cheer leading in Alaska-- never to be heard from again. And she's so stupid, she won't even know how she has been used to 1] drag McCain down and 2] dramatically lessen the chances for women who run for high office in the foreseeable future.
Has the plan by the Republican party all along been to hand this election to the Democrats? After all, the received wisdom is that the next President will get 4 years to repair all the damage the Republicans have done since the Contract On America began in 1992 -- or even since the deregulation that began during the early 1980's. [And, no, my reference to the policy of 1992 is not a typo.]

The fact is-- there is no human on the planet who can accomplish that repair in one term -- even if he has Congress on his side. Given that reality, the Republicans will be positioned to grab back all the marbles in both branches four years from now.

Much of the hard work will have been done by then and they can take credit for any policies that seem to be working while blaming the Democrats for those that don't.
I would have thought such a diabolical plan was beyond this gang that can't shoot straight except for one thing: designing a short-term strategy to grab power is much easier than running [much less rescuing] a country.


PoliShifter said...

Hello Two Crows

I have surpmised as have many have that the Republicans are all too happy to hand this shit bag state of a country off to a Democrat so after 4 years the democrats get the blame for everything then they can run Jeb Bush in 2012.

But I really do think McCain wants to win. He's been beaten down by Rove. He thinks the Rovian tactics are the only way to win.

Now, the Bush Team McCain has surrounded himself with may be playing to lose but I think Palin McCain truly are playing to win.

two crows said...

hi, Poli--
you may be right, though I stare in wonder at all McCain has done since he got the nomination [he was doing a much better job UNTIL he got it] and have to guess that it just MAY all be part of some sort of Grand Plan of Rovian proportions.
I hope I'm wrong -- but I do remind myself: even paranoids can have real enemies.

Brother Tim said...

I think we can answer that question on January 21, 2009. The Republicans still have the WMD, called Executive Order 51.

two crows said...

true, Brother Tim--
but I think this plan is the more likely. [tho I took what steps I could to protect myself last June, in case YOU'RE right.]

still, this plan can be undertaken without setting off alarm bells -- which 51 certainly would.
lulling us to sleep is, I think, more in the rethug's interests than an outright move into a dictatorship would be. and it would only take an extra 4 years to accomplish.
and, of course, 51 will still be there after they seize power in 2012.

so, I guess it all boils down to Cheney's plan for the immediate future.

libhom said...

You can tell the major media in this country are in the GOP's pocket. Otherwise, the Keating Five scandal would have been repeated continuously for months.

two crows said...

hi, Libhom--
that may be true of the MSM-- though, of course, both sides chant the mantra about it being against their own side.

recently, after McCain started his filthy smears, the MSM brought up the fact that Obama could have used the Keating 5 scandal earlier than he did but chose not to because McCain had apologized back in the 1990's and he [Obama] perceived it as hitting below the belt.

after the Ayers mess started, Obama trotted it out as a counter-punch. I think it probably had more effect-- especially coming this late in the campaign.

what I absolutely LOVE is the fact that McCain has had to dial back his rhetoric [and gotten booed by his own supporters for his trouble] because it took TOO well. that's what you get for reaching out to the lowest common denominator.

[I also wonder if the Secret Service didn't sit McCain down and talk some sense to him when people started shouting about committing violence toward Obama. after all, it's THEIR job to stand in front of the bullet.]