October 20, 2008

Obama's campaign just announced that his grandmother has moved home from the hospital and is not doing well. So he will be suspending his campaign to fly to Hawaii to be by her side later this week.
I join with, I'm sure, the rest of the country in wishing Madelyn Dunham well and hope she can recover from her illness-- though it seems, her health may be waning.
Yesterday, when called on Palin's spending spree on clothes some spokesperson actually tried to make the issue about Obama's flight to Hawaii -- saying he should have gone by commercial flight to save taxpayer money.

The insensitivity of such a statement aside, Obama CAN'T fly by commercial carrier these days what with the Secret Service and accompanying entourage.

Can you believe these people? The levels they will stoop to. . . .
I had wondered what kind of political hay they would try to make of his trip. Well, now we know.


libhom said...

Picking on someone because his grandmother is dying is execrable behavior.

two crows said...

hi, libhom--
I was just waiting for Rush to accuse her of some sort of conspiracy: that she was pretending to get sick right now in order to get the sympathy vote.

The charge he came up with instead was that Obama ran to Hawaii to hide his birth certificate in order to hide the fact that he wasn't born in this country.

uh huh--
it is just eating Rush and his ilk alive that Obama is winning.