November 11, 2008

Two Great Videos


an average patriot said...

All right two crows! I switched to new blogger a while back and lost my Blog roll. Yours is about the last one. I just found you on shifter's. Hope all is well with you. Obama getting elected goes a long way towards that, Yippee!

LET'S TALK said...

Wow, great video's two crows. I cannot believe how one can be so honest about America and Sarah Palin. Why can't we see this in America?

The young man in the second video really had Bush together.

Anajo/Anijo/JoAnn said...

Ah, the guy who is sponsoring the interview on the first YouTube is Vinvin, Cyrille de Lasterie, a wonderful man from France who recently moved to the U.S. I've seen this video before. How embarrassing that this Sarah Palin is. I was disappointed that the Republican Governor's association gave her the cold shoulder. I was so hoping that the Republicans would be silly enough to nominate her in 2012.

That second video was a wonderful bit of comic relief from this nightmare. I'm pretty sure this kid was lip syncing though. It's hard to tell, because just like it was difficult to distinguish Tina Fey from Sarah Palin, much of what Bush says is so damned crazy, one can barely tell fact from fiction.

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
YIPPEE!!! is right!
yeah, Larry--
I predict great things for this kid as a stand-up comedian one day! :D
hi, anajo--
yes, I've had the same thought about Palin.
am still hoping-- after all, our system is SO stupid, I don't put anything past it.

acourse, it was stupid enough to come at least fairly close to electing a ticket with her on it this year.
as to the 2nd--
Bush may have SAID some of these things but I can't imagine they made it into the public sector.

if the kid IS syncing, he's got to be syncing a comedian's spiel, right?

in any case, he has a great future ahead of him in comedy.