January 16, 2009

Getting Serious

Remember the Republic Doors and Windows Company?
The one that went bankrupt and tossed out its employees while reneging on their vacation pay, health benefits and severance pay?
Well, the employees locked themselves into the plant and refused to leave. For six days they staged a sit-in demanding the benefits they were owed under federal law. And they won their benefits!
Fast forward.
Another company, Serious Materials has offered to buy the company and rehire the former employees. The company makes energy efficient building materials. So, they're going to turn the employees from blue-collar workers to green-collar workers. They will be unionized.

The decision rests with the bankruptcy judge. Serious Materials and the union are requesting a quick decision so they can get the employees back to work and hold onto their old customer base.

Finally, some good economic news.


PoliShifter said...

It would be nice if stuff like this becomes more common.

I heard from a machine shop recently that more machining business is coming back to the US because of plant closures in China.

Be nice if the industrialists who over the last 20 years have crushed the American worker by moving all their plants overseas and paying less than $5 a day to workers would start to see value in keep jobs here in America to keep America strong.

It hasn't worked that way in a long timme... be nice if it starts working that way again.

two crows said...

hi Poli--
I predict it will become more common as people become more desperate. remember the newsreels of the 1930's with the riots and such? This was better because no one got hurt. Back then, there were injuries and deaths as a result. I hope that doesn't happen this time.
I'm glad to hear about jobs coming back. Maybe those people are waking up to the fact that if you gut the middle class in the country that buys more goods than any other country on the planet, you don't make a profit -- no matter how cheap your labor is. if no one is buying your products, you can't survive.
Believe me, they're not coming back to make AMERICA strong. they're coming back because it hasn't worked out for their bottom lines.
and all the recent news about tainted stuff coming here from China urges people to look for stuff NOT made in China.
It's about time the CEO's woke up to reality.