January 27, 2009

The Losers' Gallery

"Gallery Devoted to Presidential Losers Grows by One"
When I first saw this title, I thought the gallery [located in Norton, Kansas] would be filled with pictures of such people as Grover Cleveland, Andrew Johnson and, of course, G.W. Bush. It isn't though--the pictures are of people who ran for president and lost. So, McSame is hanging among people like Thomas Jefferson and Al Gore. To my mind, it's too good a fate for him--considering the fact that he would have continued Bush's policies. But, of course, there could be much worse outcomes.
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JollyRoger said...

Chimpy and Harding should head up a gallery of REAL losers.

two crows said...

given the headline, that's what I thought the article was about.
mebbe you and I should write that article.

oh, wait, I guess it's been written a lot of times over the last 8 years.