March 29, 2009

UPS vs. BillO the Clown

I just had a thought:
Had you heard about Bill O'Reilley of Fox News stalking a reporter of another news organization who wrote a piece in which she disagreed with him? Actually, he didn’t even have the guts to do it himself. He sent a couple of goons to do it for him.
The reporter had written that she believed he should not speak at a fund raiser for an organization that supports women who have been raped. She wrote her opinion based on the fact that O’Reilley had, on national television, reviled several women who had been raped-- saying they had asked for it.
He went on to describe the clothing of a woman who was raped and killed. He berated her for walking on a public street at night.
So, after the reporter described his behavior and stated her disagreement with his actions, he sent two men to stalk her to the hotel she was going to for a vacation. They followed her from her home and accosted her in the hotel's parking lot shouting at her that she was harming rape victims.
After this story broke, UPS pulled its advertising from Bill O'Reilley's show.
Yesterday, I went to the UPS site and sent them an email thanking them for refusing to advertise on his program.

I'd like to ask you if you'd be willing to do the same.
We need to let companies that do the right thing know that people are paying attention to what they do. They probably get plenty of complaints — and very few kudos.

What makes me sick though, is that other companies will continue advertizing on his program just as if none of this had happened. So, now, I'm thinking seriously of breaking down and watching that **vomit** program to see what companies are still advertising there. Then I’ll confront them. I plan to tell them I will boycott their products and urge others to do the same.

I think that should be our next step. Will you join me?
Monday night I’ll watch the program and post the names of the companies here.
Will you send emails to them and pass on this request to others? We need as many people as possible to do this to ensure that they'll listen.
Together, we can make a difference.


an average patriot said...

I'll go on their site and thank them. I heard they pulled their advertising but did not know why. I commend you. I'll tell you what hon, you watch Oreilley and let me know who is advertising on his show and I wi9ll contact them.
I'm not kidding, I just can't bring myself to watch that ass. He sickens me, they all do there. I shudder just thinking of watching fox!

Anonymous said...

Your facts are mostly wrong. Do you care?

Ramona's Voices said...

Hey, TwoCrows, good for you. I'll do what I can when I see your list. I'll go to UPS and thank them, too.

I notice your one negative comment is from "anonymous", who says you're all wrong but doesn't say why. Why even bother typing and hitting "send"? (They're still out there. It's amazing. We're moving on and they're still back in that dark cave rooting for the American Destroyers.)

two crows said...

thanx, Jim--
I'll post the other companies this afternoon after I watch the program [I recorded it last night.]
anonymous [if that is, indeed, your name]
since I got the information from several news programs [which could be sued if their information is correct], saw a video of the reporter being accosted in the hotel parking lot, saw a live interview with her on national television, etc. etc., I believe MY eyes-- not your words.

if you wish to deny the facts, give me other facts to replace them with -- or say nothing.
declaring that my facts are wrong and refusing to set the record straight is, imo, not productive.
thanx to you, too, Ramona--

and, yes, it is amazing how many people who just don't want to know are still out there.

it's sad, really. :.-(

two crows said...

incompetent proofreader alert!
"[which could be sued if their information is INcorrect]

sheesh! it's impossible to get good help these days!