April 9, 2009


Hey, everyone.
Just want to let you know that my computer crashed and burned two nights ago.
After spending 14 hours on it yesterday [and replacing more components than I can count] I'm back among the living in blogsville -- though I'm still on life support. **beep beep beep**

Luckily, my post for the blog-swarm was already completed, so it will be up tomorrow.
After that, though, I'm likely to be out of circulation for a while till I get all my data imported into my virtually new computer.

The cloud does have a silver lining-- although I spent WAY too much money, I can't believe how fast this baby is!

Anyhow, I'll see you soon -- as soon as I get my head above the level of my desk.


an average patriot said...

I'm telling you you're a wizard. I would be down for good unless someone helped. Good one glad you're back on!

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
oh, I didn't do it all alone. wish I could claim that.

I called Dial A Geek. They do house-calls and, since I hate to drive, they're my kinda people.

I helped, tho. we installed a new power supply, mother board, hard drive [twice as big as the old one] and new ram [since the old ones wouldn't fit the new motherboard.

luckily, I had backed everything up in february, so I didn't lose too much.

and, I'm still up to my arse in transferring files from the old system. that's gonna take a while -- especially since I'm blog-surfing all weekend due to the theocracy swarm.

Dusty said...

I hate when we outgrow our computers. Or when we kill them.

Glad you got yours up and runnin! ;)

two crows said...

thanx, Dusty--
actually, it committed suicide. I was just an innocent bystander.
but, isn't that always the way? the innocent got stuck with the bill.