July 2, 2009

Food Instead of Tea

Please note the button on the sidebar linking to the Million Can March.

Food pantries are struggling now as the increase in demand meets the decrease in donations.
So, in answer to the Teabagging Parties scheduled for July 4, Les Enrages.org has launched a drive for 1 million cans of food to be donated to food pantries around the world.

And there's more! [That came out like one of those late-night commercials -- sorrreeee.]
RevPhat has emailed Rachel Maddow asking her to mention the Million Can March on her show. And she's asking the rest of us to do the same. Rachel's e-ddress is: Rachel@msnbc.com

So, let's all get on the stick, raid our pantries and write to Rachel and get this thing rolling! After all, 1,000,000 cans of food [or boxes of cereal or mac and cheese or mashed potato buds] aren't going to march into those food pantries all by themselves, right?

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