July 23, 2009

Dobbs Says There Are "Still Questions". Oh, Really?

Jon Stewart is the most trusted news caster in America today [according to a NY Times Poll].
Heck, even Kansas and Missouri, 2 Republican bastions, voted for him--how trusted is THAT?
And Jon put out this piece on the "birther movement. Take a look.


libhom said...

I think the whole thing is meant to distract attention from how so many of the rich are screwing over the middle class and the poor. It's just like when a pickpocket has an accomplice bump into the victim or ask for directions to keep the victim distracted.

two crows said...

yeah, libhom--
obviously, when senators and representatives duck the question of Obama's nationality when they know full well where he was born, they have an agenda.

what blows me away is the fact that, when McCain's birth was questioned during his campaign, Obama was one who stepped forward and debunked the story.
and now McCain isn't doing the same for the POTUS. what does that tell us?