November 11, 2006

First Things First

I don’t know which of the options outlined below is the right one.

If it had been up to me, I would’ve voted against the war in the first place—but it wasn’t up to me. I didn’t want the job then and I CERTAINLY don’t want it now.

But, the fact is, we need to either get out of Iraq or spend the next few months replacing the plywood trucks there with actual armoured vehicles. Sending in real kevlar vests that won’t break in the middle of a fire fight would be nice. And sending enough troops to actually get the job done so they can all come home would be a really good idea.

Now, THAT’S the way to support our troops.
Sporting yellow ribbons, making up slogans and denouncing political opponents haven’t done the trick.
This morning, after posting this, I heard a sad commentary:
A man called in to Car Talk on NPR from Baghdad. He had a question about how to maintain his truck.

The soldiers are now, apparently, receiving vehicles that are armoured. That's some progress, at least. But the undercarriages of their trucks aren't strong enough to support the armour and the shocks, springs and ball joints are failing--about once per week.

Of course, if a ball joint fails when you're driving down the road, your wheel falls off. This is very dangerous here at home. Can you imagine being in Baghdad when it happens?

This is how Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney et al have supported our troops.


TomCat said...

Did you receive the comment I just posted? Getting that same error message.

two crows said...

I apologize for the problem with your comment.

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I've removed the screeening tool now and, hopefully, the blog will accept your ms. meanwhile, I've registered a complaint with blogger.

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Thank you,
two crows

tomcat said...

That Bush refuses to provide our troops the best equipment is criminal.

Congrats on your new digs here. :-)

Rick Parrott said...

First you people whine about our troops not having armored HUMVEEs. Now you whine about the fact that they break down because they are carrying too much weight. That’s why they didn’t have armor in the first place!

I personally think that M113 APCs would be a better choice for patrolling the roads of Iraq. They are designed to carry armor.

Tell me, did the US Military do anything right in Iraq? Maybe just one thing, come on?

Civilians like you always think you could do better. Why didn’t our HUMVEEs already have armor on them? Why didn’t our troops already have body armor? Simple, people like you didn’t want to pay for it!

America has a history of sending its soldiers into battle under equipped and ill-prepared. Then civilians spend all of their time critiquing the conduct of the war and lately calling the troops terrorists and murders.

You’re right, you are a Liberal.

two crows said...

a few years ago, 60 Minutes delivered pictures of trucks made out of plywood. that's PLYWOOD being driven along roads with mines. they also interviewed soldiers who spent their 'spare time' scavenging for armour to cover the plywood.

ask the soldiers in the hospitals who are missing limbs if they had adequate equipment.

and please, do not tell me what I am or am not willing to pay for.
as to whether Rumsfeld did anything right--I'll let the facts in Iraq speak for themselves.

TomCat said...

Hi two crows, if you have the comments open, you might as well moderate them again as I get the same error either way, but you did get the post. I'll just do 'other' for the time being. Thanks. I answered your comment on mine too.

Rick, two crows beat me to that 60 minutes story, but let me cover a couple other things. Most of what the US military has done in Iraq has been right. Our troops are doing an extraordinary job under horrid circumstances. They deserve our thanks, our praise, and the best we can give them. I have no complaints about our troops. My complaints are about the politicians who are responsible for the deaths and wounds of far too many of our fine troops.

When did anyone here call our troops torturers or murderers? The lion's share of that problem rests with the Bush regime, not the troops. When you put words like that in our mouths, you sound just like GW. You do a good job parroting him.

You said "you civilians." Are you currently in the service? If so thank you.

two crows said...

hey, TomCat--
thanx for the update --

and please do continue commenting. I know the errors are frustrating. but, I was able to post that last one by copying the message then pasting it on the blog using your name. so, I'll just keep doing it that way.

and, I'll keep browbeating blogspot for an answer to the problem.
thanx again,

TomCat said...

Thanks Two Crows. I like your blog and intend to keep visiting. I also appreciate your input on mine. I've replied to both your comments there.

I never changed from old Blogger to beta. I set up my blog in beta from the beginning, so whenever I sign-in, it is with my standard Google ID. Therein may lie the problem. I suspect a membership identification glitch between the two formats, but I could be mistaken.

Do you have a "Browbeat Blogspot" link? I'm so new I haven't found it yet.

two crows said...

pne more note for Rick--
if you're still reading this site:

you said _I'm_ 'whining' about the fact that the humvees are breaking down because they can't support the weight of their armour.
if you listen to Car Talk this Wednesday night you'll hear a repeat broadcast of the SOLDIER in IRAQ who was asking for advice [not whining -- just asking] about what to do about his truck that was breaking down on a weekly basis.

just in case you're actually interested in the facts -- not in simply blaming a liberal for the problems in Iraq. . . .