November 12, 2006

Kos Says It’s Payback Time--I Disagree

From Kos [11/7/06]:
"Republicans in the Senate and House -- secure in their perpetual majorities -- instituted a long list of policies that dramatically discriminate against the minority party in both chambers. In the House, the minority is all but invisible.

But here's the key -- every bit of anti-minority party legislation the GOP implemented these last 12 years better be kept intact by the new Democratic leadership. Let them reap what they sowed. They deserve every humiliation they designed for those in the minority status.
Frankly, I don’t care if the Dems keep all the perks the GOP’ers gave themselves. Except one.

I think the Dems would do well to let the Republicans have a hand in the governing of the country. They were, after all, elected by the people to do just that.

Pragmatically, the best way to be seen as being even handed, not vindictive, willing to work and play well with others is to be even handed, to not be vindictive and to work and play well with the Republicans.

And, over and above how it will LOOK is the underlying fact that this IS still a democratic republic, right? So, the people ARE supposed to have a voice in such matters—like voting for the people they want to have govern them? Without that, what the hey are we doing here?
There’s one thing, though, that I hope WILL be addressed—and very few of the pundits [I’ve seen one so far] have mentioned it.
Back in 2003, the Republicans redrew the map to give themselves an unfair advantage when the people go to the polls.
I’m sorry, that’s NOT Democracy. It’s dictatorship. So, I hope one of the early orders of business will be to again draw the map according to the actual census figures—without the thumb on the scales for either party.

Then, let the people truly have a say in how this ‘Democracy’ is supposed to work.


TomCat said...

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two crows said...

hi tomcat---
no, didn't even get an email that it had come through.

this one made it through normal channels so would you repost it please?


TomCat said...

Hi TC. I'm posting as "Other" because posting as me does not seem to work. I got your messages in my address book. and have answered your comments at PP.


Now, trying to remember.....

I agree with you on this for the most part. When the GOP completely cut Democrats out of government, they were wrong, and we said so. Now that we have the majorities, were we to take the same stance, we would by just as wrong as they were. We've won one election. When 2008 comes, I want voters to be able to examine the records and see a difference between the corrupt, power grabbing, sleazy policies of the GOP and open, honest policies of the Democrats. However, there are things on which we must not compromise, such as habeas corpus, torture, extraordinary rendition, warrantless wiretaps, etc.

On the Gerrymandering, we need to find a new way to set districts that is fair for all.

two crows said...
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two crows said...

Absolutely, TomCat--
when I spoke of being comfortable with the Dems keeping the perks the Reps gave themselves I was talking about larger offices, larger staffs, more effective positions on committees, more debate time, etc.
I DO believe that reaching across the aisle and giving the Republicans a hand in the creation of policy is a good idea. Their constituents voted them into office to do exactly that. And working together is Congress' job.

As for the other matters you mentioned--those are crimes against humanity and must be treated as such. That would include 1] repealing all such acts and 2] prosecuting those people who had a hand in creating them or carrying them out.
The Eichmann Defense ['I was just doing my job'] must not be allowed to stand.

TomCat said...

Hi TC. Then we are in 100% agreement on this one.

I'm going to add one more reply as Blogger ID. If you get it, just delete it, but let me know. I've replied to your comments at PP.