November 13, 2006

More of the Same

From Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post:

‘Moments after the interview, as the president announced that he was replacing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Lowry wrote on his magazine's Web site that "a lot of Republicans are probably yelling right now, 'Why didn't you do it BEFORE the election?'

‘Ingraham said after her show that she is "very confused. Wasn't it just last week that the president said Rumsfeld was doing an 'excellent' job? And hasn't the president consistently said that his war policy is driven by what is happening on the ground in Iraq—not politics or polls?’
What’s the confusion?
Bush consistently says people are doing an ‘excellent’ job or a ‘heckuva’ job or some such—and then sacks them. Hasn’t Ingraham been paying attention?

As to the war policy not being driven by politics or polls—well, what can I say?
This president has repeatedly given himself titles: ‘The Decider’, 'The Uniter' and ‘The Defender’ come to mind.
I have my own title for him: ‘The Liar.’

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TomCat said...

The more I look at this, the more I think that the Chickenhawk-in-Chief planned it this way. Had the GOP done better, perhaps losing the House by an narrow margin but holding the Senate, Rummy would still be on board. Bush decided in advance to replace Rummy, if and only if Democrats won both chambers.

I have no proof for this, but there is one compelling reason to believe the story that Bush decided in advance and did not want to politicize the decision is a lie. Bush said it.