November 21, 2006

GOP Fliers Apparently Were Part Of Strategy

Md. Tactics Similar To Ones in 2002
By Matthew Mosk and Avis Thomas-Lester--Washington Post Staff Writers--Monday, November 13,

The six Trailways motorcoaches draped in Ehrlich and Steele campaign banners rumbled down Interstate 95 just before dawn on Election Day.
On board, 300 mostly poor African Americans from Philadelphia prepared to spend the day at the Maryland polls. . . .armed with thousands of fliers that appeared to be designed to trick black Democrats into voting for the two Republican candidates.
Each worker would receive three meals and $100 and would be picked up on buses and returned to the pickup location the same day. . . .[F]or many voters, it shattered in one day the nice-guy images Ehrlich and Steele had cultivated for years.
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I'm sure people get tired of my quoting West Wing at them but still:
This puts me in mind of something Josh Lymon said to then Senator Hoynes:
'I don't know what we stand for here--except we seem to stand for winning--and everybody else. . . not winning.'

Obviously, the GOP has no sense of how this democratic republic, which they claim to support, is supposed to work. It's just about winning----and everybody else not winning.

Oh, and by the way--
Senator Hoynes? He didn't win.
Just like Ehrlich and Steele.


TomCat said...

Tactics such as this have been the GOP's bread and butter since the ultra right wing came to dominate the party.

I work in an area of downtown Portland where many transients congregate. On election day 2004, I came across a man wearing a 'Jesus' pin surrounded by street people. He had a large binder, which I presumed was a voters' list printout, so I watched him for a few minutes. He looked up the name of each transient in the list and sent some away, but to some he gave a two ballots (Oregon is vote by mail or ballot drop off.) When a transient finished copying the ballot, he inspected it, flagged down a van circling the block, passed the ballot in, took a six pack of beer from the passenger, and gave it to the transient. I confronted him, and he ran away.

two crows said...

oh. my. god.
it has come to this.

and, in Oregon? the place I view as the last bastion of all that is good and true in the country?

if it's happening in Oregon, the rest of the country is neck-deep and sinking fast.