December 14, 2006

Bomber lures 70 to death in Baghdad; 236 wounded

This from The Muslim News -- 12/13/06

A suicide bomber targeting laborers killed 70 Iraqis in Baghdad on Tuesday, as US President George W. Bush held talks in Washington with the Iraqi vice president and US military chiefs to help draft a new strategy. The White House said Bush will delay announcing a new strategy for Iraq until next year.
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WHAT is he waiting for?
Thank you to pissed on politics for this article.


TomCat said...

For Bush, it seems that 600,000 dead Iraqis and a clear statement of opposition from the people of the US are insufficient to deter him from his petulance.

two crows said...

well, they're not real PEOPLE or anything, are they?
for one thing, they're not fetuses.
they're tin soldiers and/or people who look different from us, worship differently, dress differently, etc.
the Iraqis don't even vote in American elections.
so---they don't count.