January 19, 2007

The Best Chance at the Truth -- By Dan Froomkin

It's a compelling, but still largely unexplored, narrative.
It goes something like this: As President Bush's false case for war in Iraq began to unravel, his top aides took extreme measures to discredit critics who accused the administration of intentional deceit. One of their mechanisms involved using compliant reporters to spread sometimes inaccurate information. . . .
As a result, they successfully kept charges of deception from becoming a major issue in the 2004 election, allowing Bush to win a second term. And since then, they have continued to avoid any meaningful congressional oversight, while at the same time keeping most of the press off the trail.

Barring a robust and far-reaching inquiry on Capitol Hill, the trial of Scooter Libby on perjury and obstruction of justice charges, which started this morning in Washington, offers the public its best chance to determine whether that narrative is accurate. [Emphasis added]
See here for complete text.
My main question is-- just why should we bar a 'robust and far reaching inquiry on Capitol Hill'?


Holly said...

Cheney and Rove should have been carted off in cuffs before Libby, but power and wealth will not let that happen.

I just hope power and wealth doesn't get Libby off as well.

two crows said...

welcome holly---
yep -- I fear you're right.
I mean, look at all the Watergate vets who went on to make 6 and7 figure incomes from the books they wrote about the experience.

and, there's already talk of Bush pardoning Libby on the off-chance he's convicted in the first place.

so much for Lady Justice's blindfold.

TomCat said...

Hi Holly. I agree. The opening statements are delayed, because they're still trying to impanel a jury that is not prejudiced because of all the lies that have come from BushCo and think that Cheney might testify honestly. like that might ever happen. :-(

two crows said...

and this whole thing got so much publicity last year with Bushco saying it was no big deal, etc.

meanwhile, of course, the same Bushco is classifying documents that have always been public domain and, in fact, were used during the Clinton/Lewinski bruhaha in an effort that they not be used to look at what's really happening in the WH today.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Larry said...

Cheney invited Scooter on a hunting trip before this started, wonder why???

Cheney will slip away as he won't testify in court it will be by video, and of course most of the questions will not get answered because of "security" measures.

two crows said...

did he really???
I saw [and will be posting later this week] an article by Borowitz that Cheney invited Libby on a hunting trip. I had no idea it was true!

[wonder if the invitation came after Borowitz wrote his piece? :)
NOT a great idea to give Cheney ideas, I guess.]

PoliShifter said...

Throw the criminals in jail. You'd think republicans would back that instead of trying to wriggle out of the noose they set for themselves.

I expect that as things proceed not just in the Libby trial but also in Congressional investigations (Conyers and Waxman) impeachment will be coming up. And a lot of Republicans will cry "but but we shouldn't put the country through this..."

Excuse me? You fucking Republicans put us through it over a god damned blow job. And you've put us throuugh it since 2001.

Pay back's a bitch mother fuckers.

Cheny, Libby, and Bush all deserve jail time. And this time I say NO PARDONS

two crows said...

hey, Poli--
sure, republicans are all for throwing all criminals or people they SUSPECT of being criminals in jail -- unless the people in question have an R after their names.
then, all bets are off.

and don't we non-republican types know that a blow- job is WAY more serious than torture, leading the country into a war by making up facts to suit themselves, eavesdropping on citizens and doing several end- runs around the Constitution? well? don't we?

TomCat said...

What Clinton did was just to Monica. What Bush is doing is to all of us.