January 28, 2007

FCC to Feel Unfamiliar Heat From Democrats -- By Charles Babington

This from the Washington Post:
As congressional Democrats prepare to give the Federal Communications Commission its toughest scrutiny in years, a rivalry between the powerful agency's two most prominent Republicans is raising questions about its readiness to handle barbed questions and stiff challenges.

The Republican-controlled FCC -- which makes far-reaching decisions on telephone, television, radio, Internet and other services that people use daily -- has sparred infrequently with Republican-controlled congresses. But the Democratic-run 110th Congress is about to heat up the grill. . . ,

Senators vow to press the chairman and four commissioners on matters such as media-ownership diversity, Internet access, broadcast decency standards and delays in resolving various issues. [emphasis added.]

"They've effectively emasculated any public-interest standards that existed" for radio and TV stations, said Sen. Byron L. Dorgan (D-N.D.). . . ,
The internet may be saved with Congress riding to the rescue. Hope so anyway.

And, isn't it amazing--how the Right Leaning media have blared from from the rooftops about the Liberal Media Bias -- when the FCC has been controlled by Republicans for quite some time, now?


TomCat said...

Another good one, TC. The GOP has longed spun issues by accusing the left of the very things of which the GOP is most guilty. Take TV. It would take me a long time to list all the extreme right pundits that have their own shows. On the left, here's the list:


For the last six years, the FCC has been a front for the corporate MSM.

Larry said...

It always appears that the more vocal the Repugs get on something the more guilt they have on that very issue.