January 28, 2007

Talk About Politicizing the War!

I heard a Republican presidential candidate [don't know the name] say the most preposterous thing today:
He said the kids in Iraq go into the chow hall and CNN is on the tv and their morale is harmed when they see the Democrats say they want to pull out of Iraq.
Later on the same show [This Week with George Stephanopolous] in the In Memoriam segment, there were 47 dead soldiers listed. That's FORTY SEVEN DEAD KIDS IN ONE WEEK!
And that Republican says the troops are disheartened by hearing politicians say they want to bring them home.
Yeah. Right.


TomCat said...

I'd like to hear what Women has to say about this, because her hubby has been there. When i stopped by the demonstration against the war here in Portland yesterday, about 10% of the demonstrators were military in uniform. The candidate was just using that tired old tactic of trying to impugn the patriotism of all who patriotically refuse to goose step with Bush.

Larry said...

The tropps know Americans are against this mess.

Beside the few they drag on camera who secretly think they will get a promotion, most of the troops want out of that mess as well.

two crows said...

all the congress people who have consciences want out.
the American people at home, want out.
most importantly, the troops want out.

but, what do Bush and Cheney care?
theirs are the only voices that matter, right?