February 10, 2007

Another Personal Note

Starting to get nostalgic.
Here's a memory from my 22 + years in the house:
my lady died today
too tired to breathe.
I helped her go.
now, I cry.
‘don’t look!’ he said, too late.
Tess had tripped over her feet and into my life.

she welcomed Michael.
asked Joe to phone her.
tolerated Rachael.
and loved me.

she met me at the door
‘where were you? I worry so!
you couldn’t call?’
that cat was a Jewish mother.
I broke the news about making a living—
she didn't believe me.

now her nagging has stopped.
the house is so quiet.


Women on the Verge said...

Oh tc... you're gonna make me cry... so many cats have moved in and out of my life and I loved them all so much. I have two Maine Coons now... one of which believes he's actually a black lab...
I hope another cat will soon grace you with its presence...


two crows said...

what courage you have. the horror stories I've
heard about pet raccoons. they're just too blamed

and, yes, I'll be 'the cat-lady of fla', I'm sure -- as
I've been the cat-lady of wherever I've lived. the
most at any one time were 11. :)
Diana and Tess were the 2 that left the deepest impressions in my heart. Tess was, after all, the ceo of the household for 19 years. . . . :,-(

TomCat said...

TC, I'm so very sorry. I'm sure that nothing I can say can help, so I'll just join you in the sadness over your loss.

two crows said...

I'm sorry for any misunderstanding. Tess' death didn't occur recently.
I have been going around patting the walls and remembering-- and, Tess came to mind. so, I shared her poem. I wrote it a number of years ago.

she demanded entry into my life when I was about 28 or 29, moved with me several times and is buried in my back yard here [along with Gus and Nathaniel]. my cemetery out back is one of the things that makes leaving this house difficult.
still -- no matter where their bodies are, THEY'RE going with me-------

TomCat said...

OOPS! In that case, please shift my condolences to belated mode.

Alien Citizen said...

A beautiful poem.

two crows said...

thx, AC