February 12, 2007

Just Had A Thought

I was cleaning out my spam-blocker today and thought I'd pass on the treat it gives me regularly. Almost daily, I get an email that gets stopped by the blocker. The subject line is, 'Do You Like George Bush?'
So, not only does he get blocked as spam but, about once per day, I make it a point to toss George Bush in the trash can at the top of the window.
What a satisfying thing to do! Even though it's just in my imagination, I'm sure that one little act has helped me keep my blood pressure in line.


TomCat said...

If you've ever clicked on they link, I bet you came away thinking it was designed by Bush himself.

two crows said...

nope, never have.
just dump it out with the rest of the trash.
well, actually, I usually give it preferential treatment just for the satisfaction quotient.

PoliShifter said...

Too bad we don't have a spam filter on the White House that would move Presidents like Bush to the trash bin and automatically delete once a week.

Women on the Verge said...

It certainly must be gratifying to dump that smirk in the garbage!

And Poli-- I LOVE your idea... ahhh, if only...