February 3, 2007

That Didn't Take Long

I just restarted my subscription to NewsMax two days ago.
Since then, I've read two articles bashing Clinton [Hillary] and two bashing Pelosi.
And today, alone, I saw two headlines speculating on terrible things Iran may do to us. Not has done. Not has plans to do. This is all pie-in-the-sky speculation.
One asked, 'Can Iran Plant a Dirty Bomb in the US?'
Except there was one problem. The link in my email asks the question about Iran. Open the article, and it's about N. Korea.

Uh--hello, NewsMax--those are TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!
Listen carefully.
Hear the drumbeats for war?
But, NewsMax can't seem to figure out which country it wants us to attack next.
Unfortunately, I think Bush doesn't suffer from the same indecision. HE knows which country has the oil.

1 comment:

TomCat said...

He also knows which country has nukes. Creating a deterrent to BushWar is the main reason countries are trying to develop their own.