February 3, 2007

Looking for Mr. Right -- by Karen Tumulty

It wasn't so long ago that conservatives believed that George Bush's presidency would usher in a political realignment that would last for decades. But as the right looks forward to the next election, something close to panic is setting in. Surveying the leading G.O.P. contenders for 2008, direct-mail guru Richard Viguerie pronounces "not a one of them is worthy of support from conservatives." Says Craig Shirley, a public relations executive who represents many conservative groups and who has written a book on the Reagan revolution: "There's anger, there's angst, there's dismay in the conservative movement." Some activists, Shirley adds, have even begun talking quietly among themselves about forming a third party.
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Some of the language here ['George Bush's presidency would usher in a political realignment that would last for decades'] once again reminds me of language used at the beginning of the Third Reich -- which was supposed to 'last a thousand years.'
If we count from the date when Newt Gengrich stood on the Capitol steps and announced his Contract with America [or what I have called the 'Contract On America' -- but that's for another post] the two periods in history have, to date, lasted about the same amount of time.


TomCat said...

I'd love to see the GOP break up. It would keep both neocons and theocons out of power for a while.

two crows said...

yeah--I've thought that, too. which is why it's unlikely to happen. they'll probably band together as long as they can to keep the country out of the hands of the liberals.
still--a girl can dream--- :)

meanwhile--their splintered relationship bodes well for us [and, imo, the country] in any case. . . .

PoliShifter said...

I certainly hope the American Public is not fooled again by Conservative tripe.

Their whole "small government, fiscal responsibility,and personal liberty" agenda has been exposed for the pack of lies it is.

This last 7 years was a chance for them to showcase their ideals: Small government, freedom from government, low taxes,less corporate regulation, low or no social services, etc etc etc.

Well, they have been able to enact the bullshit they have wanted. Turns out that Republicans don't really like freedom that much as they keep giving ours away.

As far as the size of government, they've made it much HUGER not smaller.

And for fiscal discipline? Yeah, right.

I think Ameica knows that having Republicans in charge is a HUGE mistake now. They need to be boxed up and put back in the garage.

TomCat said...

True to both, but we do have an issue on the horizon. Ralph Nader announced that he is considering another run in 2008, and that he would be most likely to run, if Hillary receives the nomination. He could take just enough to give the GOP a chance.

two crows said...

doesn't the man EVER learn??
I signed the petition begging him not to run the last time!
does he WANT to deliver the US to McCain? is he really a conservative masquerading as a liberal just to keep a Dem out of the White House?

two crows said...

and hey, Poli--
I've got a piece from a book I keep meaning to post but it's pretty long. have you seen my round tuit lying around?

the book is The Awful Truths by Brian Thomsen. mostly non-political -- it just debunks myths generally.
one political myth he did take on, tho, was the one trotted out by the conservatives every election cycle about 'making gov't smaller'.
he debunks it -- shows how the GOP has increased the size of gov't every chance it gets -- while claiming to want smaller gov't.

and the only ones the conservatives actually WANT to get the gov't off the backs of are the
they want gov't firmly clamped on the backs of the rest of us. we need only look at their record. . . .

TomCat said...

Yup, I'd direct you to today's lead article at my place, but you've been there.