April 12, 2007

Remember Daddy's Woes

This from the Washington Post:
Democrats To Widen Conflict With Bush
Some on Both Sides See Plans as Risky

By Jonathan Weisman -- Washington Post Staff Writer

Even as their confrontation with President Bush over Iraq escalates, emboldened congressional Democrats are challenging the White House on a range of issues -- such as unionization of airport security workers and the loosening of presidential secrecy orders -- with even more dramatic showdowns coming soon.

For his part, Bush, who also finds himself under assault for the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, the conduct of the Iraq war and alleged abuses in government surveillance by the FBI, is holding firm. Though he has vetoed only one piece of legislation since taking office, he has vowed to veto 16 bills that have passed either the House or the Senate in the three months since Democrats took control of Congress.

see here for the entire text.
While it MAY be risky, I remember who was blamed for the 'gridlock government' when Bush Senior was vetoing every bill that came his way when HE was president. Congress emerged from that brawl smelling like a rose while Bush-daddy just came out smelling. And then, he lost the election.
While it's too late to hope for THAT rosy outcome, those who back Bush just might find themselves at the wrong end of the argument. And wouldn't THAT be lovely?

W, of course, doesn't learn from his OWN mistakes--let alone those of someone else--but some folks in Congress just might.


TomCat said...

I think the Democrats should not let up. Make Bush and the GOP veto and filibuster or give in to the will of the people.

two crows said...

Bush's latest spin: that his legthening of the tours of the soldiers on the ground [and what a way to 'support our troops'] is the Dem's fault is such a joke.
'We can't afford to put troops in the field because the Dems funded them with a timeline attached and I vetoed the funding bill. so, I increased the time each person has to spend over there. and it's all THEIR fault! see what they made me do?'

I used to use that argument -- when I was 5 years old.

Ron West said...

I have to believe that BushCo is going to come out on the sticky end of this stick.


two crows said...

hiya, Ron--
hey! it worked so well for Daddy, let's do it again. that's the ticket!

and, if the Dems just keep sending him stuff to veto, maybe it'll keep him from invading Iran, torpedoing social security, eavesdropping on us, rounding up people who want peace because he suspects they're terrorists, etc.

TomCat said...

I know TC. It's pretty lame, huh? Were you really that retarded even at 5? ;-)

two crows said...

guess so, TC.
that was about the time I figured out, "I'm gonna tell YOUR mama on you!" had more teeth than, "I'm gonna tell MY mama on you!" when I had disputes with Kathy [my 'best friend' by virtue of the fact that she lived next door.]

two crows said...

and, apparently, that's the age at which our president's development was arrested.

TomCat said...

Are you sure Dubya's wasn't earlier? He does not appear to be potty trained yet.