April 12, 2007

hey, folks--
my computer was on the fritz for several days. couldn't get online for love nor money and got behind the eight ball again.
this may be out of date -- but here it is, anyway.


TomCat said...

The problem may be running Windows, TC. South of the Mason-Dixon you need to run Winders. ;-)

Hope all is fixed.

two crows said...

:) yup. haven't gotten around to updating Molly.

actually, it turned out to be the POWER CORD to the modem, of all things!

PoliShifter said...

Hey, no worries!

And here is what? was there a link?

Sometimes the best thing is to back away from computer for a few days whether forced to do so or by choice.

two crows said...

sorry for the confusion, Poli--
I was refering to the 'Daddy's Woes' post below.

I'm posting sporadically because I'm still digging out from the move and settling in. I'm all legal now, tho.
have car tags and have paid my first fla taxes. :(
so, I guess I'm officially a floridian, now.

[well, at least Jeb has left -- he's making his mischief in texas now, I hear :) ]

TomCat said...

A power cord?!!? How low tech can you get!! ;-)

two crows said...

tell me about it, TC.
_I_ sure never suspected that.
so, I waited 2 days for the techie to show up to fix
the modem or swap it out or whatever -- and it turned out to be the CORD!

TomCat said...

You must have been positively red!! That's the kind of thing that would sink me too! LOL!!

two crows said...

red?? why?
sometimes power cords go bad, just like all other
components do.
I'm glad the tech didn't simply replace the modem without checking the cord first. that would've been such a waste of raw materials.

TomCat said...

I would have felt embarrassed in similar circumstances.

two crows said...

hey, TC--
mebbe communications are breaking down again???

the wire went bad. it wasn't unplugged. it went bad.
as a result, I didn't feel any need to be embarrassed.
I'm just glad the tech thought to try swapping out the wire before junking the entire modem.
he said he's seen this happen with this brand of modem before--which was why he tried that solution first.