April 14, 2007

Only in America!

Heard this morning on Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me! on NPR:
'Since, if McCain secures the nomination he'll be the oldest Presidential candidate ever, a hair salon in the DC area [I think] has suggested he cultivate a goatee or Van Dyke in order to appeal to the younger voter. It would, supposedly, make him resemble people they admire--like ummmm--Satan, f'rinstance.'
Yep, that about sums him up. . . .


TomCat said...

Given McCain's recent meltdown and poor performance in the GOP $weep$takes, that is unlikely to become an issue, fortunately.

two crows said...

hey, TC--
I just had a thought.
as everything King Midas touched turned to gold, everything BushCo has touched has turned to shit.
everything from this country to Iraq to McCain even to someone like Colin Powell.

that's TWO folks I had respect for before Bush got his hands on em. . . .

TomCat said...

Good point. I used to respect both as well.