April 16, 2007

The Way the World is Going--Someday

I left a comment on the blog, Goodness Graciousness in response to Jennifer's April 5th post.
Then, I decided to post it here, as well--
The Michael Teachings [a good starter book to check out is: The World According to Michael by Joya Pope] say that the world tipped from a majority of Young Souls to a majority of Mature Souls in 1986.

Right now, the majority is very slim-- only a portion of 1% more Matures as compared to Youngs with the rest of the population spread among Infants, Babies and Olds.

Youngs perceive the world as a place to plunder for personal gain while Matures begin to realize that that method of existence doesn't really work-- either for the individual or for the species or, ultimately for the earth or for the universe.

Based on this view, I believe we have a l-o-n-g way to go before most people will truly embrace the vision that it's not all about garnering personal wealth and power over others and begin moving the planet in another direction-- namely that of sharing and equality-- especially since those people who share the Young viewpoint will, for some time to come, be those who will want the 'power' that comes with holding government positions. So Youngs will be disproportionately respresented in the Parliaments, Congresses, the White House, etc.

Still, the Mature values are starting to make themselves heard and felt around the world-- it's a beginning. . . .
If we apply this info to current events, we can garner some hope for the human race--and the rest of the world.
The ground swells regarding global warming, for instance, and Imus for another, suggest Mature viewpoints coming forward.
The down-side to Mature thinking, though, is that Mature souls share one trait with Baby souls: they like to tell others how they should live. As witness the ban on smoking-- in some cases, even in one's own home.


TomCat said...

Hi TC. Between her post and your addition, you got my gray matter going this morning. I think to be successful, the mature position has to be based on tolerance.

CocteauBoy said...

Great to see this philosophy being encouraged! Very nice post!


two crows said...

hey, TC--
according to Michael the mature position is simply what it is. not good or bad -- just what it is.
just as being 18 years old isn't good or bad. it's just -- 18.
it's more mature than 7, less mature than 35. not better than or worse than either.
hey, Troy--
yeah--the Michael Teachings are a hopeful take on the world. that's one reason I like em so much.
and, they make more sense to me than any other philosophy that I have found in my studies of a number of different views.

two crows said...

and, Troy--
thanx for the reference. I hadn't seen that site before. it's a great place to explore the MT's.

do you know any other students I could get in touch with? among the people I know, I'm the only Michael student. I'd like to get to know others.