June 22, 2007

Cheney Admits He's No Use to Anyone

So, the Vice President's office isn't part of the Executive Branch, huh? OK, then just exactly what is it?
According to Cheney it's neither fish nor flesh, nor good red herring. Cheney asserts it's not part of the Executive. It's obviously not part of Congress. It's not part of the Supreme Court. And our government is made up of a 3-branch-system.

OK, then--if, in Cheney's over-the-rainbow world, the Vice President's office isn't within our 3 branches, we don't NEED an impeachment order. According to the man himself, he's not part of the government. He's irrelevant.
So, let's just kick him to the curb.
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TomCat said...

Great minds, TC. I have one thing to say: Get him, Henry!!

an average patriot said...

Cheney is the nut behind the wheel. Bush is beyond reproach and can say and do what he wants while answering to no one.
He is the cheerleader that was elected to push through Cheney and others new world order agenda.
He is despicable. I hate to look at him more than I do Bush and he is disgusting.
Cheney is behind all the underhanded, deceitful, corruption, going on in this misadministration. As such he too can care less what anyone says or does and the arrogant SOB will tell you so and do what he wants.
I will be posting on what Cheney said tomorrow after I dwell on it for a while. Did I mention I hate him and his so called Boss?

two crows said...

hey, AP--
all you say is true.
and, now that he's stated for the record that he's not part of the gov't, I say--throw the bum out! followed by Bush, Rice and all the other low-life's who ARE part of the executive branch.

Larry said...

If Cheney isn't part of the Executive branch then we can impeach Bush, and Cheney will not be able to take over.

two crows said...

hee hee, Larry-- I came to the same conclusion.
apparently so have some folks in Congress.
they're moving to force Cheney to admit he IS part of the gov't and subject to its rules/laws or cut off funding for his office.
I just hope they can make it stick. you KNOW the rethugs will try to filibuster any such vote.

TomCat said...

No doubt it will fail cloture in the Senate, but in the process, the GOP will have to go on record as supporting Cheney's machinations to produce enough votes for the filibuster.

two crows said...

hey, TC--
apparently, the American people don't bother to look at voting records. sound bytes and slogans are enough, dontchaknow.

TomCat said...

:-( true