June 21, 2007

The Joys of Email

I have a friend who is pretty new to the world of email. She sends out every round-robin email that comes her way without regard to who the senders or the recipients might be. As a result, I’ve been getting a pretty substantial education on the workings of the mind of another of her friends who emails huge amounts of stuff about Jesus [sic], sending all Mexicans back to Mexico and sending more troops to war—presumably to kill other people-- or, given the way things are going, to be killed.

Meanwhile, I delight in sending my friend great quantities of stuff _I_ believe—like the idea that Joshua bar Joseph was against killing; the fact that my ancestors [and presumably those of my friend’s friend, as well] came to this country to create better lives for themselves [financially at least as much as to ‘seek freedom’]; and outlining the failures of this administration in Iraq and in preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution generally.

Given my friend’s penchant for sending out every email she receives to everyone in her address book, I figure it will eventually get to the guy [yes, that’s an assumption on my part] who’s trying to convert everyone into a Bush-loving, hatred-sowing war-monger—by being as big an ass as Bush is, himself.

Don’tcha just love email? Not to mention revenge.


Frederick said...

"Reply all" can be a beautiful thing.

two crows said...

I love it when you talk technology to me!
hey, Frederick.

TomCat said...

Frederick, you beat me to my comment. LOL!!

I have friends like that, TC. On the things I forward, I make extensive use of the Bcc: field, but for some reason they don't. I especially love finding most of these bogus claims on Urban Legends, and replying to all with the link that shows them up. :-)

two crows said...

I taught her about BCC'ing. that's why I send my ms's to HER. she'll send em on to her address book--I can't.

and, yes, I check with Snopes before sending stuff on and let the forwarder know that Bill Gates won't give em $100,000 for forwarding an email; it's really safe to drink out of plastic bottles; and the kid with leukemia doesn't want any more emails.

it's mostly the newbies who fall for that stuff anymore--so it's just education they need. we've all been there. . . .

TomCat said...

Yup, that we have.