June 20, 2007

Storm Troopers in Brook's Bros. Suits

Like everyone else, I knew the 2000 election was stolen by Bush. I hadn't known about this episode in that process. I'm passing it on here in case you didn't know about it, either.

Click here for the 2002 article on the "Brooks Brothers' Riot" in the Consortium News by Robert Barry.


TomCat said...

I was aware of the riots and of the transport in corporate jets at the time it was going on. In addition, Michael Moore covered this in Fahrenheit 911. But nowhere have I seen such detailed information. Good find, TC.

Larry said...

Good list of information from what little is known before.

Holly said...

I just found your blog from Politicsplus and wanted to say I really like it.

two crows said...

welcome, Holly--
thanx for the kind words
and hope you'll drop by for more dialog.

am not posting as much as usual, right now. I recently moved and am still settling in.
things will pick up fairly soon, I hope.

TomCat said...

[waves at Holly]

TC, aren't you unpacked yet? I bet your computers were the first things out of the boxes, right? ;-)

two crows said...

TC-- NO! long story.
waited a month for closet components that never arrived [tho the company paid itself from my bank acc't for em.] have notified NJ's AG office of the shady practices the company engages in. hope they prosecute.
but I'M out more than $300 -- and probably won't retrieve it -- am still engaged with VISA about that mess.
ordered new closet components from a different co and they actually got here. have finally got a closet to put stuff in and am moving forward again.
yep--the puters were set up during the 1st 2 or 3 days.
and I actually embraced my box of leather and tools when it came off the truck. my last pair of shoes was past the point of patching one more time.

I made a pair of shoes while waiting on the closet-- so it wasn't a TOTAL loss.