June 17, 2007

Goodwill Squandered

As with President Reagan, I never have seen what the American people once saw as redeeming qualities in G.W. Bush. I didn't trust him to either know or care about what was right-- let alone do anything about it.

But polls tell us that, in the past, there were people who agreed with him and approved of the job he was doing.
He effectively nipped THAT in the bud.
See here for the latest poll results.


Larry said...

Perhaps those figures are bloated as to hide the fact that 90% or more of America are fed up with this mess.

two crows said...

it's tempting to think so, Larry.
acourse, the latest figures on the graph ARE over 2 weeks old-- maybe that accounts for the fact that they seem to be high compared to what I hear on radio and tv these days. I've been hearing 28% approval, lately.

my guess is that the 28% is made up of those people who simply won't admit they made a mistake.

TomCat said...

TC, Bush's redeeming qualities all had one thing in common. They were lies.

PoliShifter said...

I still don't understand how ANYONE can agree with Bush.

Today as I was driving around I saw a W'04 Sticker.

I almost wanted to force the person to pull over and just ask them "what the fuck are you thinking!!"

TomCat said...

He/she obviously wasn't. :-(

two crows said...

hey, Poli--
I'd want to be with you and ask, 'well? are you happy NOW?'