July 29, 2007

I Just Keep Seeing Doomsday

I just had another thought-- related to the post of 7/24.
You know, I've been concerned that BushCo might declare Marshal Law and take over the country before the election. I've comforted myself, though, with the thought that Congress, the Supremes and the people would certainly wake up if they did that and not allow them to get away
with it.
Then, this AM, I had another, even more chilling thought:
Maybe they'll allow the elections to go ahead -- not tip their hands. Then, if they don't approve of the person elected President or-- possibly --the make-up of Congress -- suddenly 'al qaida' will attack us and THEN they'll declare Martial Law.
After all, if a Dem is elected president [which will almost certainly happen], if a veto-proof liberal-leaning Congress is voted into office [which could conceivably happen], won't they see the writing on the wall? The chances of their being hauled into court will go up exponentially. And there's at least a fair chance that the dictatorship they've worked so hard to build will come crashing down.
Do we truly think Cheney will simply sit by and allow those scenarios to play out?
I don't think so.


Larry said...

Either senario is bound to happen as the dictator clutches the reins of power even more closely.

SadButTrue said...

Anyone who really believes BushCheney expanded the powers of the presidency so much just so they can hand those powers over to Hillary Clinton (or whomever) is crazy I tell you, just flip city.

Mary Ellen said...

I wouldn't put anything past Bush, the man is truly a lunatic. How much he will actually get away with is something we won't know until he tries it...and he will try it.

two crows said...

hey, all--
yes, I wake up nights reasoning myself into corners like this.
I think I must know how the Germans felt during the mid 1930's, And I feel as helpless as they must have felt.

hopefully, we will do a better job of fighting the dictatorship than most of them did.