July 28, 2007

in trouble here

make it quick.
modem working only sporadically today.
will post something if I can stay online long enough to.
Ha! It wasn't the modem.
It was the downside of living in paradise where it rains every day during the summer.
The cap on the telephone pole had been knocked loose and water had gotten into the cable housing.

WHY these things always knock out the computer and phone [which matter more] and leave the TV alone [which matters less] is a mystery. Well, no, probably not. It's precisely BECAUSE the modem matters more, i'nnit? **sigh**
**more sighs**
got back up and running for about 2 hours after the tech came and went. then **splat!** again.
now, about 7 1/2 hours later, I noticed the online light was on again. go figure. tech is due back tomorrow -- now that it's running [for the moment].

and I had so wanted to spend the day commenting over at Left of Centrist.
the best laid plans. . . .


an average patriot said...

That's funny two crows
my computer spas's often. It can really make you a basket case. At least you are getting your rain. It was dry when I was there visiting family. The weather all around the country is off kilter. Good luck with the computer.

two crows said...

rain good.
spa'd puter bad.

first I've been onlinel in _hours_!
sometimes, for no discernible reason, I can get back up for short periods.

tech is supposed to return tomorrow. fingers crossed.

Mary Ellen said...

two crows

I wasn't around much yesterday and when I was, my server wasn't working.

I also missed all the Robert Rouse blogathon...maybe next year he won't do it on my wedding anniversary and I'll actually be able to check it out. Looks like I can send in a donation later, though. ;-)

TomCat said...

TC, sorry about your problems. You must have DSL rather than cable, as I do.

two crows said...

hi, m e--
I was able to get there sporadically. that was nice.
hope you had a lovely anniversary.

nope, TC--
cable TV, phone and internet. both phone and internet were splatted -- since they share the modem.

here in fla, where the water table is 1 1/2 inches beneath the ground, they don't bury anything except essentials.

Mary Ellen said...

I have cable and for some reason my service was terrible yesterday. I just chalk it up to internet demons...they're pesky little things, aren't they?

two crows said...

yes, m e, they are.
poltergeists, I think.
still, I'd rather have the internet with demons than no internet without em.